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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Rate this Oxford undergrad    12/13/17  (7)
Republican from Kentucky commits suicide after being accused of rape    12/13/17  (1)
Trump had one trump card: breaking with both parties on immigration    12/13/17  (2)
Did anyone make $ on Dogcoin?    12/13/17  (1)
let's stop discussing PROLE TELLS and poast instead a list of AZN Tells    12/13/17  (38)
Ed Sheeran is so ugly    12/13/17  (1)
Uninhibited Alzheimers sex    12/13/17  (1)
Did anyone make $ on Dogecoin?    12/13/17  (3)
"Aight ladies & gents it's SHOWTIME!" *Idris & co-counsel tumble into courtroom*    12/13/17  (35)
Alcoholic, gonna die from it, drinking tonight, taking Qs    12/13/17  (28)
When did everyone on xo trade alcohol for benzos?    12/13/17  (3)
cannot wait to get in bed, slip hand up wife's nightshirt & grab her MEATY PUSSY    12/13/17  (11)
Compilation of classical era (2008-2010) Whok threads    12/13/17  (33)
Big studs will spray again in Margaritaville    12/13/17  (27)
Moore will run for senate again in 3 years    12/13/17  (1)
Democrats really could annihlate the current iteration of the GOP    12/13/17  (28)
Google employee's half-naked Asian girl body found floating in San Francisco Bay    12/13/17  (17)
ITT, rating poasters as absurd anime premises or fanbase phenomenons    12/13/17  (206)
*feeds xo blacks into an acid bath*    12/13/17  (1)
Idris Elba dinged from the bench    12/13/17  (1)
How did XO like seeing black women pwn their retard candidate Moore?    12/13/17  (1)
What kind of shampoo do you pussys use?    12/13/17  (28)
*feeds xo asians into a woodchipper*    12/13/17  (11)
Roy Moore could become governor next year    12/13/17  (5)
Moore still refusing to concede, says God will change election results    12/13/17  (12)
You're a mean one, Mr. Boom. You're an autistic, retarded freeaak    12/13/17  (127)
Cr to take benzos instead of alcohol?    12/13/17  (8)
Is EPAH low T? explain his rancid shitlibbery    12/13/17  (37)
been SLAYING girls by using the word "delta" more    12/13/17  (117)
"If yew hear 'optics', and ain't THINKIN about yer SCOPE, yew might be an MBA."    12/13/17  (1)
Big reputation, big reputation, oooh Evan's got a big reputation    12/13/17  (1)
the crypto discussions on worldstarhiphop.com are hilarious    12/13/17  (31)
And may their 8th lawchild be a masculine one    12/13/17  (19)
whats the mechanism by which spicy food makes you shit? Your anus doesnt have ta    12/13/17  (7)
Why do Street-shitters like spicy food so much if they shit so much?    12/13/17  (3)
So I says to him: whats the delta? And then I axe him how dem optics be.    12/13/17  (16)
Carmelo Anthony is a sick joke    12/13/17  (3)
Ate lots of spicy food; my asshole is FUCKED in 12 hrs    12/13/17  (3)
I love spicy food. I want to be dripping in sweat at the end of a meal    12/13/17  (2)
Had some spicy food, asshole is on fire    12/13/17  (3)
Any XO tinychat bros    12/13/17  (16)
Black betas get cucked, too (comic)    12/13/17  (2)
Roy Moore > Trump    12/13/17  (1)
Bump this thread if you support Trump more than ever in December 2017    12/13/17  (20)
Is applebees as delicious as it looks on commercials?    12/13/17  (14)
ching chong taking q's on crypto and stuff    12/13/17  (98)
Morgan Spurlock OUTTED as RAPIST who paid off victims.    12/13/17  (11)
started watching First 48    12/13/17  (6)
Like every post on my Facebook is an Alabama victory post    12/13/17  (2)
where is scholarship tp?    12/13/17  (3)
Fantasy Bros: thoughts on Prince of Nothing trilogy?    12/13/17  (1)
CRYPTO NUTS: Which coin under $5 should one invest 5K in?    12/13/17  (7)
Rate this 30yo woman    12/13/17  (5)
any other Trumpmos think we need to dump Moore hard and fast?    12/13/17  (41)
Short seller who predicted Enron Says Tesla Headed for Brick Wall    12/13/17  (10)
How health is veggie, rice & beans, in various combinations?    12/13/17  (8)
What happened to sqmo?    12/13/17  (3)
colt the fargo ND weather fri night is cold as fuck + snow    12/13/17  (4)
Devastating graphic re: smartphone addiction    12/13/17  (12)
fuck bros! i cant eat spicy food any more! i will shit myself within 10 minutes    12/13/17  (21)
Any way to prevent/mitigate ass from burning from spicy food?    12/13/17  (11)
Pretty sure I'm in the friend zone with the girl (evan39)    12/13/17  (89)
Has anyone seen commentary on AL election other than how terrible white men are?    12/13/17  (2)
Black leftist here: the demonization of whites really disturbs.    12/13/17  (81)
Devastating graphic re: xo addiction    12/13/17  (1)
Every time I eat hot pot I shoot spicy liquid shit out of my ass for hours    12/13/17  (16)
Encino Man II where it's just Pauly Shore brought back from the 90s    12/13/17  (1)
Roy Moore: "I choose now to live as a gay man."    12/13/17  (27)
ELI5: Why do spicy foods hurt my butthole?    12/13/17  (8)
Tommy Lister (jacked guy who played See no on Friday) died of overdose    12/13/17  (1)
"I love my Addy O's!" The XO poaster screamed, blue & orange milk foaming @mouth    12/13/17  (20)
Another 5 inches...    12/13/17  (5)
Would you date this illegal Mexican teen or deport her?    12/13/17  (46)
xo trumpmos seeing their alt right movement ended by Alabama black woman = 180    12/13/17  (13)
Kenny went solo and I've already sent him 10 cases (CSLG)    12/13/17  (69)
Official Jeff the Hornet Horn vs Gary the Cab Driver Corcoran thread    12/13/17  (22)
ohnoes taking/giving qs on rocket league, shitcoding, cbb, etc.    12/13/17  (11)
She's sucking a nig, fucking him twice,    12/13/17  (21)
me too movement going too far: newly accused lawmaker commits SUICIDE    12/13/17  (24)
ate some spicy food last night, took shit, asshole burns    12/13/17  (7)
ITT you list a great app that isn't super popular    12/13/17  (1)
Farting so loud "brown gold" released    12/13/17  (3)
Another rapist teacher CUCKS her CHAD hubby w/ MIDDLE schooler    12/13/17  (19)
The only way to withstand SJWism is increasing net worth    12/13/17  (2)
lol Democrats won in ALABAMA and Hillary couldn't win WISCONSIN    12/13/17  (29)
Holy fucking SHIT at this FBI smoking gun, Daily Beast writer admits looks bad    12/13/17  (16)
lawmangr8    12/13/17  (3)
Does no one use etherdelta or liqui.io anymore?    12/13/17  (8)
Does anybody go to movie theaters anymore?    12/13/17  (8)
toasting with mountain dew in memory of Roy Moore    12/13/17  (1)
Farting so loud your wife says, "One more time, I swear to Christ."    12/13/17  (1)
few months ago we went to a movie in a 21+ theater    12/13/17  (8)
farting so loud a korean store owner tells you he feels sorry for your mother    12/13/17  (2)
MPA with the highlights of the latest LAWMAN8 MELTDOWN    12/13/17  (7)
Kevin Duran > LeBron. This is going to be uncontroversial/consensus position by    12/13/17  (3)
Farting so loud rach makes a Fart boart    12/13/17  (2)
Farting so loud Life Vest Under Your Seat inflates    12/13/17  (1)
Ice cream sandwiches >>>>> chipwiches    12/13/17  (2)
reminder: ur money aint for nothin and ur chicks aren't free    12/13/17  (2)
POLL: whjat do you think happens to you after you die    12/13/17  (35)
moar like Tavis Rapey amirite    12/13/17  (1)
Farting so loud all the liver spots on Bannon's face get blown off    12/13/17  (7)
Farting so loud the meme is revived with a vengeance.    12/13/17  (6)
I stand with RSF. Some of you are disgusting. RIP RSFs brother    12/13/17  (24)
I wish Ted Bundy had raped and killed way more people    12/13/17  (28)
Ever take Xanax or Valium before a big presentation?    12/13/17  (15)
Does your ass hurt after eating spicy food? I hear ppl say this?    12/13/17  (1)
Dux have you ever gotten a handjob from a white masseuse    12/13/17  (12)
Farting so loud Libs mistake it for a call to come out and vote    12/13/17  (6)
bought some spicy chorizo. wtf do i do with it?    12/13/17  (26)
Farting so loud a red state elects a Democrat for the first time in 20 years    12/13/17  (5)
Need rundown on lawman8's smucker's meltdown this morning.    12/13/17  (47)
Night crew weirdos forcememing stupid shit    12/13/17  (164)
Why cant newer TVs handle picture-in-picture?    12/13/17  (1)
Anyone know where to find the text of the reconciled tax bill?    12/13/17  (3)
They got Tavis Smiley    12/13/17  (10)
Chorizo is such a shit sausage but libs want you to think it's good    12/13/17  (2)
Why does xo glamorize moving to hometown so much?    12/13/17  (21)
Investor Bros: Explain Short Selling    12/13/17  (4)
how is it a tax "cut" when people making 200-500K will pay more?    12/13/17  (51)
Missing Bitcoin is going to be one of my life's regrets    12/13/17  (64)
reminder: Roy Moore was the worst candidate in modern political history    12/13/17  (23)
Did Millennials see "Titanic" in the movie theater?    12/13/17  (11)
That call from Mom telling you Dad has Alzheimers    12/13/17  (28)
How often do you cc the CEO on your emails?    12/13/17  (29)
Flynn: "I'll give you Kushner"    12/13/17  (17)
Tapas and $16 lychee martinis, cities are such GC flame    12/13/17  (2)
was only on the fence about marriage but this metoo shit is last straw    12/13/17  (2)
If eth hits 888 before 8/8/18 I will give out 88 eth to 88 zozo posters    12/13/17  (105)
Libs are moving to Texas from Cali in droves, will turn it blue like ALABAMA    12/13/17  (7)
Not enough SCHOLARSHIP on "Titanic" phenomenon as last gasp of USA    12/13/17  (12)
so leader of Germany's 'far-right' party is not only female, but a dyke?    12/13/17  (3)
HYPO: A US carrier battle-group defects. How does the US attack it?    12/13/17  (14)
I'm an apple guy :)    12/13/17  (3)
downstairs w my Pax, wife gonna come down screaming w her sensitive nose    12/13/17  (3)
"No, daddy RSF! Cum in me raw!" (LTDanCaffey)    12/13/17  (11)
Reuters: Facebook says Russia spent $97 million on ads over Brexit (link)    12/13/17  (3)
There is something seriously strange going on with American women (video)    12/13/17  (34)
"Chad, I don't think you understand. She NEEDS you," the white knight whinged    12/13/17  (12)
What's Tezos going to be worth in 2018?    12/13/17  (6)
"I didn't see Chad at the protest last night, did you?" sneered the White Knight    12/13/17  (5)
Average female millennial shoulder width is 3 inches wider than males (link)    12/13/17  (4)
Ok. So you're an autistic incel. That don't impress me much.    12/13/17  (31)
Nigs chimp out over AA Harvard acceptance    12/13/17  (45)
Eternal oblivion in 55 years? Better spend 50 percent of that chasing commas in    12/13/17  (9)
so LinkedIn = huge $cam?    12/13/17  (3)
Decided to search YouTube for my HS gf - LJL WHITE WOMEN!    12/13/17  (23)

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