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Safe to give primary bank login credentials to Gemini?    12/17/17  (3)
Your son throwing Hanford's Hate Room in the trash "I told Santa the HELLROOM"    12/17/17  (8)
Libs jump on Taylor Swift for saying 2017 was a great year    12/17/17  (20)
Shortquotemo    12/17/17  (2)
why is there no more n-threading?    12/17/17  (2)
New IFNB gym opens in Tokyo: "CHIN CHIN"    12/17/17  (6)
Wife caught me smoking one of those "vapor" cigs. This is really embarrassing    12/17/17  (28)
Chaucer tp gets it    12/17/17  (12)
OK I broke down and registered a coin account fuck you coin fags    12/17/17  (26)
autoadmit is basically the asian version of a minstrel show    12/17/17  (1)
lmfao @ the dishonorable pariahs of the "Asia crew" turning on each other    12/17/17  (37)
*All the little vietnamese kids McCain napalmed, lining up in hell for parade    12/17/17  (25)
So I've got to attend mass Vigil Sat/Sun, then go back for Vigil/AM Christmas?    12/17/17  (2)
Funny how the richest millennials are mentally ill shut ins    12/17/17  (3)
Kihote and Chilmata    12/17/17  (5)
Nintendo announces it will release Ken Griffey Jr Baseball 2018 for all consoles    12/17/17  (10)
Going through life is literal torture    12/17/17  (2)
cowgod    12/17/17  (1)
taking ?'s bout meetup with TT (uvt)    12/17/17  (39)
content pump here    12/17/17  (13)
Going through life sober is literal torture    12/17/17  (45)
When do you think the Lord will call McCain to His kingdom?    12/17/17  (7)
*RSF snaps a furtive pic of an escort's back* "Take that, dorks"    12/17/17  (41)
my top dad put me on top of his shoulders & gave me the best bj of my life    12/17/17  (7)
DILLY DILLY!!    12/17/17  (7)
uvt taking a few questions during another beautiful day in Asia    12/17/17  (96)
If race is made up, what's keeping Libs from lumping East Asians in with Whites?    12/17/17  (4)
why do people hate uvt so much    12/17/17  (7)
The fact that this thread doesnt have 100 bumps is criminal (link)    12/17/17  (8)
Mom just saw me bumping niggerthreads    12/17/17  (2)
Cuz I'm uvt, I'm slanty-eyed, uvt, and I'm not white    12/17/17  (8)
John Sidney McCain III (1936-2017)    12/17/17  (1)
When are Libs going to go after Rach for alleged "misconduct?"    12/17/17  (2)
LOL have been in Miami 15 min, have 3 dates lined up    12/17/17  (67)
Haha yeah I understand, dates are hard on weekdays. What about fri sat or sun?    12/17/17  (1)
xoLou Dobbs: We should have sentences for those who work against POTUS    12/17/17  (1)
really want to meet the 1% of black women who voted for Roy Moore    12/17/17  (13)
Bad Dragon show tonight?    12/17/17  (5)
holy shit, dude who shot Bin Laden was listening to Magdalena by APC at the time    12/17/17  (1)
Taking swig from Coke can, realizing it's 3 days old dip spit    12/17/17  (3)
goddamn, ALL THESE faggot boomer pols need to start dropping like flies    12/17/17  (3)
the problem w/ the white race is that it fetishizes white-knight saviorism    12/17/17  (4)
Ann Coulter accuses John McCain of grabbing her ass in 2003 (twitter    12/17/17  (1)
McCain finding literally ANY WAY to get in Trump's way    12/17/17  (1)
You know how every year they air the 9/11 footage? It's starting to look dated    12/17/17  (4)
ITT we record things UVT says about himself    12/17/17  (361)
**** MCCAIN ACCEPTS THE MOUNT ****    12/17/17  (1)
@realDonaldTrump I like Senators that don't die, ok    12/17/17  (2)
JFC Atlanta is TTT as fuck    12/17/17  (6)
john mccain failing to get barbaro to start race because he can't raise whip abo    12/17/17  (1)
Will AZ guv appoint a weird Roy Moore type to replace tlsMcCain and lose to Dem?    12/17/17  (4)
/*\ ABC reporting that John McCain died at 7:44 PST /*\    12/17/17  (8)
everybody stfu Nike has Griffeys on sale only $89    12/17/17  (10)
'obnoxiousness' should be a personailty domain in the '5 Factor Model'    12/17/17  (1)
let's all get air max Griffeys    12/17/17  (4)
Herro, dis-ah YOU VEE TEA carring flom Jingzhuang marketing    12/17/17  (337)
"Can't You Hear Me Cocking" plays to montage of Henry Hill inserting ASSBALLS    12/17/17  (9)
John McCain will be dead within a month and will Rot in Hell for Eternity    12/17/17  (3)
Haircuts are expensive as fuck. $18.25 at supercuts.    12/17/17  (20)
Should I put an action figure of Ken Griffey jr on my desk    12/17/17  (3)
GF now dating a fat 40yo Jew with bitch tits (pic inside)    12/17/17  (21)
Most unrealistic part of New Star Wars: Carrie Fisher and H. Ford    12/17/17  (9)
Chinese Learn Art of Hooking Americans on Amazon    12/17/17  (3)
What exactly did Jerry Richardson supposedly do?    12/17/17  (1)
if you don't hate yourself for poasting here, you are an irredeemable sociopath    12/17/17  (4)
John McCain (retired)    12/17/17  (4)
giving WaWa 'sizzlis' and lottery tickets as x-mas gift: prole tell?    12/17/17  (6)
prole tell: giving or receiving a carton of cigarettes for Christmas    12/17/17  (1)
ll cool j - the breakthrough.mp3    12/17/17  (5)
A Newly Vibrant DC Fears Trump Will Drain its Culture (NYT) (180 lols)    12/17/17  (127)
Surprised more people haven't got on that Phenibut tip. Shit is incredible    12/17/17  (25)
What happens when a Senate majority votes against every judicial nominee?    12/17/17  (1)
Dragon show tonight?    12/17/17  (1)
HOLY SHIT - Reddit DESTROYS UVT (not flame)    12/17/17  (57)
Hypo: you get to be a star NFL lineman, but you have to date/sleep with Adele    12/17/17  (8)
180 photo of macaque fucking a deer which ACCEPTS the mount (PICS)    12/17/17  (44)
Reminder: The head of the NSA told Trump he was being spied on    12/17/17  (4)
almost OD'd on phenibut    12/17/17  (5)
damn daddy renting out entire theater to show Greatest Showman to his boyfriends    12/17/17  (2)
Nothing in the rules says a call girl cant learn cryptography    12/17/17  (1)
any other alphas here FCS proud    12/17/17  (3)
Why is America bogged down in wars but China is taking over the world?    12/17/17  (14)
anyone who doesn't think Alexa is a spying device is completely retarded    12/17/17  (15)
New Eminem Lyrics: Guess who's back? Back again. Patriarchy's back. Tell MSM    12/17/17  (28)
Confession: the trailer for "Alpha" made me cry    12/17/17  (6)
YouTube really has everything    12/17/17  (8)
37 year old Charlie Brown sobbing, balancing shotgun btwn legs in motel bathtub    12/17/17  (18)
Just applied for a job in ATLANTA    12/17/17  (3)
real talk: what is the point of prostitutes if it's condom sex?    12/17/17  (17)
Should cookies be blocked on any site that you don't log into?    12/17/17  (2)
I see a rotating cast of "erotic" massage girls in various cities taking Qs    12/17/17  (20)
I love that America is falling apart and at the brink of collapsing (uvt)    12/17/17  (5)
PUBG is infuriating    12/17/17  (6)
Guy stole $1.8M ETH, kidnapping victim + forced him 2 give up wallet lmao    12/17/17  (11)
We'll be stimmin' / When we're winnin'... OUR COCKS AREN'T DOWN / THEY'RE POINTI    12/17/17  (46)
Big studs will spray again in Margaritaville    12/17/17  (49)
1990s knowledge that will be lost to the ages unless we post about it    12/17/17  (2)
Dr. Suess's artwork is super trippy and great    12/17/17  (1)
I lifted nude today, oh boy...    12/17/17  (67)
Most sad case! thing about nyuug is he doesn't love women, in fact HATES them    12/17/17  (20)
Peterman: "I used to cut a notch each time. Now there's not much left."    12/17/17  (3)
Not fucking bareback is like not eating steak b/c of e coli fears    12/17/17  (4)
180 gif of random black guy scaring the fuck out of white woman reporter    12/17/17  (33)
A sellmo's a cuck who sold their ETH, also known as a nocoiner    12/17/17  (15)
Your dad wondering if all those baseball cards he bought you are worth anything    12/17/17  (2)
What do you think if someone is still partying & doing hardcore drugs at 33    12/17/17  (21)
Should gender be assigned based on height    12/17/17  (15)
Harry Truman tried for years to get this woman to marry him - pic    12/17/17  (3)
Real talk: most "old school" poasters cringe when shitlibs pile on lawman8    12/17/17  (1)
U have to b so careful on xo. Even a dude like colt can be DONE after 1 post    12/17/17  (5)
LOL at the scene where Rey asks Kylo Ren to put a towel on    12/17/17  (7)
90s u: Ken Griffey jr backwards dry fit hat. 2010s u: genital wart    12/17/17  (4)
cold weather | comfy blanket | pot of coffee | paranoid music    12/17/17  (24)
What should my 2018 "style" be    12/17/17  (3)
I picture Carl Spackler looking like peak Casper Van Dien    12/17/17  (5)
Oubre | Satoransky | Manhimi    12/17/17  (1)
"Earth to Retard" = retard schtick?    12/17/17  (3)
Carl Spackler is a big booty bitch who twerks for me on command    12/17/17  (12)
Me and Carl Spackler having passionate sex in a McCombs 2nd floor bathroom    12/17/17  (4)
Is colt tp the real colt?    12/17/17  (6)
Rate this career move idea    12/17/17  (7)
"The Least Dangerous Game" - colt hunting metaphysics is gay    12/17/17  (9)
colt "The Lord" tp    12/17/17  (2)
LSUs Lazy River and the Student-Fee Sham    12/17/17  (2)
i will poast a picture of my wife itt if 100 unique monikers bump the thread    12/17/17  (209)
Power outage at ATTTlanTTTa airporTTT causes pandemonium    12/17/17  (27)
Your future wife begging his mom for hormones for Xmas    12/17/17  (36)
Star Wars fan theory: Snoke is actually Lena Dunham    12/17/17  (1)
taco belll or panda express tonight ?    12/17/17  (24)
Non shitty movie enthusiasts: go see The Florida Project    12/17/17  (4)
Adam Driver is handsome tall    12/17/17  (8)
rail-thin iron-deficient tired hot girls like fiona apple in criminal vid    12/17/17  (13)
Prole tell: your favorite fruit is some basic shit like "orange"    12/17/17  (11)
Jesus, taught men to fish. CLSG, taught men to hustle.    12/17/17  (10)
Guess what your future wife wants for Christmas?    12/17/17  (3)
lol pats    12/17/17  (37)
Art light blo hele...white peopre so tiled of a fuckin burrshit! white powel!    12/17/17  (2)
Ouch! You're rubbing up against my c-section scar! Ugh just forget it.    12/17/17  (1)
Im Asian, but I hate Jews and niggers. Can I be a white supremacist too?    12/17/17  (12)
SOLDERING Q    12/17/17  (7)
Weird how when i look down my dick looks tiny but on video it looks average .    12/17/17  (3)
ive put cocksuckers in the ground for my family. cocksuckers i loved.    12/17/17  (2)
dey see me prolin. dey hatin    12/17/17  (4)
Lemieux vs Saunders. Who you guys got?    12/17/17  (11)
"This bussy was made for rig pigs" said Peterman bending over, huffing poppers    12/17/17  (1)
On the FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS Snake Assombo gave to me a geyser from a big tree    12/17/17  (45)
Jinx rolling out of precinct 15 as sgt shrugs "the law hasn't caught up with dep    12/17/17  (1)
Dylann Roof Responds to former white supremacist's letter:    12/17/17  (14)
Steelers fans stop whining. He didn't maintain possession    12/17/17  (2)

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