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Things that are both prestigious and prole    05/25/18  (223)
Literally going through a future wife getting pumped and dumped meme IRL    05/22/18  (197)
Im an old and routinely date young girls - anything else is shrew flame    05/24/18  (179)
There is no reason why 90 percent of white collar jobs cant be 100 percent WFH    05/23/18  (176)
POINTSMOS / other ASPIES, what sort of POINTS balances are you sitting on    05/25/18  (166)
RSF really gaped lil' TMF in that points thread lmao    05/25/18  (165)
Haha wow holy shit, just got MONKEY'S PAWED by a tinder chick lmao (DDC)    05/26/18  (165)
Trump CANCELS on Kim Jong Un    05/24/18  (152)
Parents - thoughts on regression to the mean    05/24/18  (140)
Learned to waltz at a church dance tonight (CharlesXII)    05/22/18  (135)
Massive Mexican protest outside Aaron Schlossberg condo    05/20/18  (133)
Rate this Kappa Delta's tweet that has libs FUMING    05/25/18  (131)
What became of the biggest chad at your HS?    05/25/18  (126)
Suburbs are literally a fraudulent creation    05/24/18  (125)
Female coworker thinks Leo Dicaprio dates 20 year olds because hes intimitated    05/23/18  (122)
Where are you going for your next vacation?    05/25/18  (118)
How movie theater seats have evolved is an indictment of our society.    05/22/18  (118)
We all agree that HYPMSC are the top universities, but where is the next cutoff?    05/26/18  (117)
xo Mountain Lion Kills Female Cyclist in Washington State    05/23/18  (115)
Meeting a STEM PhD chick tomorrow night (CharlesXII)    05/26/18  (111)
black kid parks across two handicapped spaces, refuses cop instructions.Is Tased    05/25/18  (109)
what is the point of "wineries"    05/24/18  (109)
Netflix negotiates multibillion dollar deal with the Obamas    05/25/18  (107)
Wife's personality underwent a major change post marriage & baby    05/20/18  (105)
Trump blocking people on Twitter ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL    05/25/18  (100)
Article on why Christers like Trump    05/22/18  (100)
Date lab: woman enthusiastically embraces interracial date with younger hill sta    05/24/18  (99)
The Texas high school shooter was another MAF incel    05/21/18  (99)
Parents - thoughts on college future for your kids?    05/23/18  (97)
When the Mueller probe finds no collusion, how will the goalposts move?    05/20/18  (94)
Clapper FIRES BACK at Trump, says Russia hacked votes in 3 states (link)    05/24/18  (92)
CAC ITT taking Qs & giving ratings    05/22/18  (92)
Tinder forced to pull racist ad    05/25/18  (90)
How old is BS now? 30? 35? Older?    05/23/18  (90)
Where to live in LA    05/25/18  (88)
The men on this board disgust me. I'm on BlueSmoke's side now. (DTP)    05/23/18  (86)
Now that Bluesmoke is old she thinks it's "weird" for women to date 5+ yrs older    05/21/18  (85)
Watching old Carson clips is so depressing. The decline of America is so obvious    05/25/18  (80)
What's the worst place people go for vacation?    05/24/18  (79)
UMich has 100 employees just for "diversity" stuff (link)    05/23/18  (79)
Do shitlibs really want every nation in the world to be random mix of ethnicitie    05/24/18  (77)
Some black dyke won the Dem primary for GA gov.    05/23/18  (77)
Conturds, why do you think a racist rant is ok?    05/22/18  (77)
Parentmos: what cartoons do you let your kids watch?    05/25/18  (76)
Liberal attacks Tomi Lahren as she lunches with her mom    05/24/18  (76)
BangBros hired a high school kid to bang MILFs    05/23/18  (76)
E-mail to opposing counsel (CSLG)    05/25/18  (75)
(((Passenger))) just got thrown off flight for saying im a lawyer and will sue    05/26/18  (75)
Anyone else tired of beckersteds aw shucks Im just humble catholic rican sht    05/20/18  (75)
why would anyone NOT own rental properties?    05/21/18  (74)
HYPO: Hot stay at home wife, great sex, but she CONSTANTLY buys shit like this    05/23/18  (73)
In-house $550k Deputy GC vs. v30 non-equity partner $900k    05/25/18  (73)
Fordham law prof: MS-13 only responsible for 0.3% of all US murders    05/22/18  (73)
Best Los Angeles suburbs?    05/22/18  (72)
Cut all ties with my brother 3 months ago and have never felt better    05/25/18  (70)
wife went to a naked spa this weekend with two of her hot friends.    05/25/18  (70)
While railing against horrors of aging online, I aged tremendously IRL (DTP)    05/25/18  (69)
Cities with over 10 million people    05/23/18  (68)
Petition to join Chandler and kennys firm    05/25/18  (67)
latest post from hottest indian chick on the planet    05/23/18  (67)
Hypo:You can ask a yes/no question about a country, then must move there, what ?    05/25/18  (66)
Libs why is race/income inequality social illls, but sexual inequity is nbd?    05/21/18  (66)
If XO ever 'leaked' IRL, they *would* write about it in all popular press, story    05/21/18  (66)
Why does no one talk about the obesity epidemic anymore?    05/26/18  (65)
My dealer won't leave me alone    05/21/18  (65)
/*\ NEW TRUMP TWEETS /*\    05/23/18  (63)
At age 36, can Princess Markle even bear children?    05/22/18  (63)
Calishitlaw duder I have a new tort idea for you    05/24/18  (62)
The Gangnam WGWAG Playboy Chronicles (V)    05/25/18  (62)
Does anybody know any successful Trumptards IRL?    05/21/18  (62)
Zdravstvuyte xo    05/22/18  (61)
60+ nigger teens attack white woman (video)    05/23/18  (61)
Chill solo bro of mine: "I just bill $1000 a day then go home" (3 hours work)    05/25/18  (60)
consumers: what products do you plan to buy this weekend?    05/25/18  (60)
Stats and analytics really have ruined baseball    05/25/18  (60)
Tomi Lahren pwns lib genealogist who tried to pwn her by researching her family    05/23/18  (60)
Princeton > Harvard, and idc what u say.    05/23/18  (60)
Rate this text conversation with cute blond Tinder girl I fucked a few weeks ago    05/22/18  (60)
Moving back to my hometown after 6 years of biglaw    05/22/18  (60)
Will you Bros give me real advice on buying a condo????    05/22/18  (59)
Get married at 35 to 28 year old. You'll be fine.    05/20/18  (59)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    05/26/18  (58)
Kim Jong Un: no worries, how about next week? Haha    05/25/18  (58)
Politico: Swedish far right at record high in pre-election poll    05/23/18  (58)
conservahero parkland student is #1 in his class. libs FURIOUS    05/22/18  (58)
Best, safest way to suppress appetite. Need to drop about 5% bf.    05/22/18  (58)
Libs outraged white girl sings N-word when Kendrick Lamar invites her to sing    05/22/18  (58)
Congrats, Trumpmos: turns out Gorsuch is a true conservative    05/21/18  (58)
Any dumbasses on here want to defend Obama's spying on Trump?    05/22/18  (58)
David Hogg is barely literate. No wonder he couldn't get into college    05/24/18  (58)
ROLAND GARROS DRAW CEREMONY LIVE (VID) #tennis    05/24/18  (57)
Anyone else ever think "What the FUCK am I doing on this board????"    05/20/18  (57)
Rate my new office art (CSLG)    05/20/18  (56)
Colleges Bend the Rules for "Disabled" Students, Give Them Extra Help    05/25/18  (55)
23 year old chick who threw water on Tomi Lahren is extremely hot (pics)    05/24/18  (55)
Babbydood measured at 98th percentile head size at 4 months    05/22/18  (55)
WSJ tears down ESPN's drift to politics in lengthy expose    05/25/18  (54)
Spent last few weeks in suburbs. Shocking how much happier they are ...    05/24/18  (54)
GC coming after honeymoons (NY Post)    05/26/18  (53)
Brief-bros: quoting opponents brief, hit em with dat (sic) for typo?    05/22/18  (53)
Why are American police over-the-top aggressive?    05/21/18  (53)
S/O: What crimes would you turn a family member in for?    05/25/18  (52)
Libs: Gorsuch can be removed from SCOTUS if Mueller finds evidence of collusion    05/23/18  (52)
Offered a 75K job in SF. Impossible to live on that salary?    05/23/18  (52)
Cliffs on Schlossberg? Did he really only ask someone to speak english?    05/20/18  (52)
Slate: Bookish gay kids viciously outed by junior high gym requirements    05/26/18  (51)
Trump is a masterstroke by GC    05/25/18  (51)
Libs: 2A only protects muskets! Also Libs: 1A means you can't block on Twitter!    05/23/18  (51)
an observation about 'networking'    05/20/18  (51)
Self-employment should entitle you to free healthcare    05/25/18  (50)
Cohen literally sold access to Donald Trump    05/23/18  (50)
REMINDER: video of a woman who SURVIVED a Mexican cartel attack:    05/21/18  (50)
San Fran is a terrible city. Lol @ anyone living here    05/25/18  (49)
Bros who have done Florence/Tuscany/Amalfi Coast trips: Overhyped or delivers?    05/24/18  (49)
Hypo: you die. what's the first thing you ask god to show you?    05/23/18  (49)
'Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed    05/25/18  (48)
How much of a pain in the ass is it to change your own car battery?    05/23/18  (48)
Travelmos: anything to do in Ireland?    05/22/18  (48)
Any bros doing practice group lunches for summers have tips?    05/24/18  (47)
I feel ashamed caring so much about expensive guitars    05/25/18  (47)
Protips for dealing with home contractors?    05/23/18  (47)
Tomi Lahren was splashed with water. Did she deserve it? Let us know --Twitter    05/24/18  (46)
xo was completely wrong about Obama era shitlibbery being a disaster for normal    05/23/18  (46)
Rate this 17yo blonde teen from SoCal    05/25/18  (46)
Biggest sign of lib mental illness: unqualified opposition to death penalty    05/20/18  (46)
what's the largest credit card charge you've ever made?    05/25/18  (45)
Put in legit 3 hrs of work today. Mentally exhausted.    05/23/18  (45)
Hypo: $1 million to drink the jizz of 20 homeless people, on tape    05/22/18  (45)
Rate my classy 20 yr old date tonight (peterman)    05/25/18  (45)
"What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13"    05/24/18  (45)
Sleeping pill didnt work for the first time    05/21/18  (45)
Booking a NOWAG hotel in NOWAG Seoul    05/25/18  (44)
trump allowing states to set medicaid work requirements is 18000    05/22/18  (44)
#1 reason why america is not a real country    05/21/18  (44)
Californian Woman Gives Birth to Baby on San Francisco Street (video)    05/24/18  (44)
Paul Krugman: "We've basically crossed the line into treason now"    05/19/18  (44)
Baseballmos, how good is Ohtani's batting? Top 10 in MLB?    05/20/18  (44)
Glenn Greenwald on Trump spy    05/21/18  (44)
Currently have a 125ug tab of acid under my tongue, taking ?'s    05/25/18  (43)
Passage in college textbook re: 2016 Elections (link)    05/23/18  (43)
Keto diet v Mediterranean diet    05/23/18  (43)
Kanye West tweets about Century of the Self doc (link)    05/22/18  (43)
What meaningless hobby brings you joy but no money    05/21/18  (43)
Remember when law students were so excited/impressed by law review?    05/24/18  (42)
My cokehead client told me a story about a SA chick he was fucking    05/25/18  (42)
Went back on keto; urge to killself falling    05/23/18  (42)
Hypo: you find $30,000 USD inside of a gym bag near your garbage can    05/23/18  (42)
Rate this doctor itt lying about his shit declining profession    05/21/18  (42)