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why is xo against leasing cars?    02/24/18  (75)
*Do Not Get Married**Do Not Get Married**Cannot Stress Enough*    02/24/18  (56)
Imagine being a 20 yr old college bro and finding out your ex fucked a 28 yr old    02/24/18  (43)
Taking ?s on firearms; pull-up technique; and beer recommendations    02/24/18  (41)
At what age should I stop living with roommates?    02/24/18  (28)
Trump voters literally think Russia is their friend, CIA/FBI is their enemy    02/24/18  (27)
What posters here have Middle-Eastern heritage other than Julia & diesel?    02/24/18  (25)
we incarcerate negros at a far too high rate    02/24/18  (22)
Even mid-range MFH brunch spots will put you back $150+ per person    02/24/18  (19)
Rate this POWERCUCK'S online dating profile    02/24/18  (18)
Post ITT only if you want to hang out with me in NYC tonight    02/24/18  (15)
The hottest girls are those who are actually slightly imperfect    02/24/18  (14)
Reform Jewess mocked story of King Solomon, didnt know it was Jewish    02/24/18  (13)
blockchain/AI/automation/IoT    02/24/18  (13)
lol peterman has been editing/blanking his posts about austin bc we caught on    02/24/18  (13)
Jordan Peterson on 'tour', in headset, leading arena chant of 'CLEAN YOUR ROOM'    02/24/18  (13)
Got sucked dry by a WELSH spinner (6 total in Feb) Taking ?s (CharlesXII)    02/24/18  (12)
uncomfortable truth: 70-80% of Western art is about teen girls    02/24/18  (12)
WWIII HYPO: Would you fight and die for your country now?    02/24/18  (12)
about to get drinks w/ azn girl w/ rly big tits, taking Qs    02/24/18  (11)
My eyelid twitching has only gotten worse. My left eyelid is always spasming.    02/24/18  (11)
wait, so there have been nearly 3.9 million threads poasted on this boart?    02/24/18  (11)
Prius Prime = Most Economical New Car to Purchase?    02/24/18  (11)
when men make a point of how beating women is bad, i think theyre a pussy    02/24/18  (10)
remember like 6 months ago when rachmiel was megapoasting    02/24/18  (10)
You know youre depressed when you dont even want to read this bort    02/24/18  (10)
Your best life advice ITT    02/24/18  (10)
uspo reading 90% of these threads wondering WTF we are talking about    02/24/18  (10)
the meaning of life: hot teens    02/24/18  (10)
Rate my groomsen: j Shad, boner police, colt, Luisa, clean white glory of truth    02/24/18  (10)
maybe i should get back into legos    02/24/18  (9)
Pizza tracker engaged; sausage and jalapeno, 10 wings and 2 ltr coke.    02/24/18  (9)
The Struggles of Women Who Mask Their Autism [Atlantic]    02/24/18  (9)
I haven't done any partying since moving to Wisc    02/24/18  (8)
you obviously don't marry a woman with divorced parents    02/24/18  (8)
Killed a hike today    02/24/18  (8)
lol @ how women's response to everything is 'replace it with a woman'    02/24/18  (8)
Any prestigious XO bros from Dublin, Ohio?    02/24/18  (8)
so wait, if you were a college freshman poasting on PR boart, you're 40+ now?    02/24/18  (8)
Chillin' with nigs in Houston (5th): things I've heard    02/24/18  (8)
Normal sized 34yo man going on Tinder date with 21yo 4'10" spinner.    02/24/18  (7)
middle easterners are rich in america but poor in middle east    02/24/18  (7)
life without alcohol = total garbage    02/24/18  (7)
HoldUp literally believes an insane 7th century child molester is God's prophet    02/24/18  (7)
Planning diaper party. Friday-Sunday. Any good locations?    02/24/18  (7)
Laser teeth whitening is soooo CR    02/24/18  (7)
"We're going to Build a great Wall!" (xoTrump 2016-2023)    02/24/18  (7)
My depression is out of control tonight, absolutely terrible, beside myself with    02/24/18  (7)
nothing excites me anymore    02/24/18  (7)