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Are All Big State Schools Unfriendly & Cold & Don't Coddle?    04/20/18  (60)
Avicii dead at 28    04/20/18  (60)
Comey leaked; OIG to investigate    04/20/18  (37)
Are professional cyclists the most physically fit athletes in the world?    04/20/18  (37)
Rate my plan for paying for kids' college    04/20/18  (34)
Prole tell: starting conversations with strangers in the grocery line    04/20/18  (32)
What is it about law that makes people suicidal?    04/20/18  (31)
About to buy and move into my 3rd apt. Rent out other 2. Set for retirement.    04/20/18  (29)
Hot 26 yo girl finishes 2nd in Boston Marathon - RATE HER (pic)    04/20/18  (28)
Proof XO is full of up tight dweebs, it's 420 and not a single thread about it    04/20/18  (27)
xo codePIG$: ever try to build your own vidya game?    04/20/18  (26)
This Smallville actress sex cult thing is still completely insane to me    04/20/18  (25)
here is how i rate the races by female attractiveness    04/20/18  (24)
DNC sues Gulfstream for not flying Hillary Clinton to Wisconsin during election    04/20/18  (23)
marrying an import... worried about the cultural differences    04/20/18  (21)
sexual harassment at coachella (teen vogue)    04/20/18  (21)
Why is porn legal?    04/20/18  (21)
I know a female lawyer that bought a Porsche cayenne right b4 filing 4 divorce    04/20/18  (20)
Pinpoint the moment evan39's shtick ceased being funny or creative    04/20/18  (18)
ITT we list attractive male features    04/20/18  (17)
by taking this pill u will become a remote amazon tribesman with 3 young wives    04/20/18  (17)
Duke Students Who Hijacked Alumni Event: Punishing Us Would Hurt Us Mentally    04/20/18  (16)
Have you ever been around a group of girls talking uninhibited about cock size?    04/20/18  (16)
Poll: whose wife/gf is pro-Trump and/or anti-shitlib    04/20/18  (15)
Bad news brothers. Ragnus has scrambled his account.    04/20/18  (15)
Great article on how shitty freelance writing pays    04/20/18  (15)
Anyone have a book recommendation on early Soviet Union?    04/20/18  (15)
... he was the MOST GOLDEN of bears .... okay time for my tinder date.    04/20/18  (14)
*Windows restarts without asking, computer unusable for 2 hours*    04/20/18  (14)
Fearless girl statue being moved, libs irate    04/20/18  (14)
women's obsession w/ 'marathons' like 'my masters': easy, empty accomplishments    04/20/18  (14)
Etymology of "cop" to mean get? Never hear it anywhere but xo    04/20/18  (14)
Conciouness makes no sense and shouldn't exist    04/20/18  (13)
Why no TV show like Judge Judy for commercial arbitration?    04/20/18  (12)
PRO TIP: Don't use romanettes (e.g., i, ii, iii) for the table of contents    04/20/18  (12)
i am actor paul dano. ask me anything    04/20/18  (12)
So George HW Bush is free to bang hot sluts now, right?    04/20/18  (12)
what does OG stand for?    04/20/18  (11)
Someone post a picture of a guy with negative NW pls    04/20/18  (11)
"Prettier version of Amy Schumer" --> is this a compliment?    04/20/18  (11)
Is AI how humanity ends?    04/20/18  (11)
What was it like interacting with the UMC girls at your private college    04/20/18  (10)
Spouse randomly texted "love you"    04/20/18  (10)
Rick Astley feat. nutella- Never Gonna Give You Head.mp3    04/20/18  (10)
I bought back into ETH at $375. It's now at $600. YOU MAD?    04/20/18  (10)
is weed giving u anxiety an indication u are a bitchmade pussy    04/20/18  (10)
When do you think the FIRST blowjob was given?    04/20/18  (10)
Trump's parentheticals are 180    04/20/18  (9)
CSLG should do a PUA style boot camp for solo bros    04/20/18  (9)
charles why are catholic 'theologians' all shitlib atheists?    04/20/18  (9)